The Italian Tour Operators specialized in archaeological destinations protagonists in the Exhibition Hall and in the Workshop as national Buyers in the meeting with offer’s tourism operators


The “ArchaeoIncoming” section was presented for the first time in 2019 on the occasion of the 22nd edition of the Exchange.

Due to the current economic period, ArchaeoIncoming assumes greater importance today, as in 2020 and 2021 the demand for national proximity was the only one to drive tourism flows in our country.

The most well-known specialist tour operators will be present, protagonists for decades only in the outgoing of archaeological tourism, with the aim of making Italy and above all the South primary destinations, with renewed and innovative tourism products, not only following the recent pandemic that has rethought tourism according to experiential and authentic contents, but above all for the potential of our Bel Paese.

ArchaeoIncoming, thanks to the precious collaboration with FTO, FIAVET, AIDiT, confirms itself as a personalized space within the Exhibition Hall and it contributes to the expansion of the Workshop also on a national basis.

Exhibition Hall

Next former Cafasso Tobacco Factory
from Thursday, October 31st, to Saturday, November 2nd 10.00 · 19.00
Sunday, November 3rd 10.00 · 13.00

Workshop with national Buyers

Next former Cafasso Tobacco Factory
Saturday, November 4th 10 · 14 / 15 · 18

To promote the meeting of the operators also with the national demand, the Exchange invited as Italian Buyers the tour operators specialized in archaeological tourism of the Italian destination.

The participants in the Workshop will receive upon the inscription the list of the Buyers to have the opportunity to know their possible interlocutors in advance.

1360704754 pdfWorkshop Booking Form

The national tour operators present in 2023 are:

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