The first and the biggest Exhibition Hall in the world dedicated to archaeological tourism

Next former Tobacco Factory
from Thursday, November 2nd to Saturday, November 4th 10.00 · 19.00
Sunday, November 5th 10.00 · 13.00
The Exhibition Hall of the Exchange promotes national and foreign archaeological tourism sites and destinations with an annual presence of 150 exhibitors, including Institutions, National Tourism Bodies, Regions and Regional Tourism Agencies, Metropolitan Cities and Provinces, Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, Autonomous Archaeological Parks and Museums, Superintendencies, Category Organizations, Cultural and Professional Associations, Consortia and Tourism Companies, Service Companies, Publishing Houses.

The development of intercultural dialogue and cooperation between people is realized through the participation and exchange of experiences with countries not only from the Mediterranean area and the Middle East, with an annual presence of about 15 foreign Countries.

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